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Strategic Pathway

Strategic Pathway


Once engaged, we will prioritize critical items that need immediate attention, while focusing on the longer-range goal of getting the company out of danger and into a growth phase. The planning session includes the Initial Evaluation, if not already completed. If the Initial Evaluation is completed, the $10,000 fee for the Initial Evaluation will be credited to the Strategic Pathway $25,000 fee. The company will have a Strategic Pathway and an entire restructuring plan to pivot from an emergent juncture to a growth phase.

  • Deliverables

    The following items are expected to be completed during the Strategic Pathway engagement:

    • All items outlined in the Initial Evaluation engagement
    • Communications with creditors, legal situations, attorneys, regulators, etc. that are immediate threats to the company
    • An initial restructuring plan to include
      • financial projections
      • customer interaction & fulfillment
      • employee and organizational development plan
      • leadership assessment and plan
      • liability solutions
      • bankruptcy analyses for all options available to the company past, present, and future 
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