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Strategic Growth Plan

Strategic Growth Plan


If the company is looking good to come out of restructuring, and into a growth phase, oursister company, United Cutwater, can prepare and implement an Equity Revitalization Strategic Growth Plan.


This Strategic Growth Plan (SGP) outlines the pathway to an Optimum Value Exit through United Cutwater and its strategic partners, including investment banking.  The SGP is a comprehensive plan that takes companies from delicate situations and grows them to an optimum value exit.

  • Example Strategic Growth Plan

    United Cutwater either brings the capital to fund the growth plan, or co-investors are able to participate.  Many times, the existing shareholders and investors are unwilling to invest more capital into a company declining, yet when a new system, leadership, and investment growth plan is proposed and implemented with capital behind it, the existing investors will consider participating. 


    Some Strategic Growth Plans are not funded by United Cutwater or existing shareholders.  However, with the SGP in place, the company will be more effective at bringing on new investment dollars, negotiating with lenders, vendors, and supply chain entities, so the company can regain confidence and obtain the necessary resources and strategic partners to effectively compete and grow.


    The case studies and clients of United Cutwater can be viewed HERE as well as the PROCESS and specifics of a Stategic Growth Plan, including the proprietary UCVA, United Cutwater Value Algorithm, that identifies the Optimum Value exit at the Optimal Timing.

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