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Initial Evaluation

Initial Evaluation


The Cutwater Restructuring team and the key leaders from the company will come together and review the due diligence and key issues creating the main problems for the company.  Once identified, initial solutions and a timeline will outline a pathway forward.  Depending on the result, other professionals may then be brought in to resolve the main issues, or the company can move to a Strategic Pathway implementation.  The Initial Evaluation fees will be credited to the Strategic Pathway engagement. 

  • Deliverables

    The following items are evaluated and initial recommendations discussed with the company: 

    • Forensic evaluation of all financial information
    • Creditor analyses of key threats and financial resolutions
    • Other threats to the company, including legal, employee, shareholder, etc.
    • Customer issues, including product/service deliverability and revenue analyses and projections
    • Short Term Objectives
    • Long Term Objectives
    • Next Steps for Company
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