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Chief Restructuring Officer

Chief Restructuring Officer


Christopher Riley is available to take on an official, or unofficial, Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) role to create and implement a restructuring plan that preserves and protects the enterprise value of the company, while protecting the interests of the creditors and shareholders.  Compensation is based on the situation and complexity of the restructuring. 


In most instances, Riley and his team will prepare a significant amount of the schedules necessary should the company need to enter bankruptcy...saving tens of thousands of dollars and accelerating the restructuring timeline.


In most instances, the deliverables in the Initial Evaluation and Strategic Pathway will be completed prior to, or during, the CRO engagement.

  • Example CRO Engagement

    An example of a CRO  engagement would start with the Initial Evaluation engagement and/or Strategic Pathway engagement and at some point during those engagements, Riley would be brought on as a CRO for the company. 


    The fee for the CRO engagement is normally a $25,000 retainer with an hourly rate of $395/hr for Riley, with a maximum amount of $75,000 for a three-month engagement.  Fees for the Initial Evaluation and Strategic Pathway will most likely be credited against the CRO engagement, with exceptions for additional team members required and the complexity of the CRO engagement.


    In some instances, if the company is a candidate for a Strategic Growth Plan, we can begin preparing for that with the cooperation of our sister company, United Cutwater.  Certain fees for the Initial Evaluation, Strategic Pathway, and CRO engagement can also be credited against a Strategic Growth Plan engagement.

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