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Preserving Enterprise Value

Cutwater Restructuring Advisors focuses on solving very complex and difficult problems for companies in need of intervention.  Once solved, with our affiliated companies, we grow and bring our clients to an Optimum exit. 

Venture capital and private equity groups are not geared to take over and restructure a company in trouble prior to an investment...We Are!

- Christopher Riley, Founder/CEO


Our licensed and experienced professionals enter a delicate situation to save a company from shut down. 
We can take on:

  • a Chief Restructuring Officer role

  • gain a unified acceptance of a restructuring plan

  • avoid bankruptcy, and

  • implement the restructuring plan. 

With our specialized subsidiaries, Izola Technology and Opinione Investigations, we can forensically get to the bottom of most any sensitive situation. 

Once cleared, our sister company, United Cutwater, can then work with the stakeholders of the company to develop and fund a strategic growth and exit plan.  We bring our own capital and work with strategic co-investors.

About United Cutwater

United Cutwater is unique in the sense that we bring growth capital along with operational and entrepreneurial expertise, while providing solid upside equity to remain with the original owners. CLICK HERE for more information on United Cutwater.

Our values and beliefs surround and protect the enterprise value and those that fought hard to create it.

We deploy Executive Expertise to fill the gaps in:

  • management,

  • leadership,

  • operations,

  • finance,

  • technology, and

  • performance improvement. 

We are also licensed investment bankers and coordinate a seamless optimum value exit. 

Urgent Services

Christopher Riley, founder and CEO, will immediately assess the situation and together, we can start taking actions to protect the company and its shareholders.  


Once stabilized, we will then determine the best next steps to further protect the enterprise value of the company, or initiate a strategic growth plan.

Restructuring Services

Once engaged, we will bring all stakeholders together and create a unified strategic plan. 


Restructuring Services can include one or all of the following:

  1. Full Initial Evaluation

  2. Strategic Pathway Forward

  3. Chief Restructuring Officer Services

Growth/Exit Engagements

With the future demand of the industry confirmed, and differentiators of the company defined, together we will design a strategic growth plan with invested capital and co-investors working with the existing stakeholders of the company to bring the company to an optimum exit.

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